Backoffice Support

Navigating the administrative aspects of your business is my strength. With over 10 years of industrial experience, backed by a strong educational background in business economics, I’m your partner for expert backoffice support. This enables you to allocate your resources strategically, focusing on what truly drives your business forward.

35 EUR/h

Multilingual Customer Care

I help diverse clients with multilingual customer support. I know English, German and Dutch to ensure a smooth communication. Good customer service, especially in DACH region, is key. I make sure that each chat suits your philosophy. Three years in sales taught me a good customer oriented behaviour.

50 EUR/h


Overcome language barriers and extend your reach with my professional translation services. While tools like DeepL and Google translations ease text conversion, they might not fully connect with your audience. Living in an English-speaking environment, extensive travel, and three years in the Netherlands, my language skills are settled to offer translations for any of your needs. 

50 EUR/h

Project Management

You’re an agency or entrepreneur dealing with an unexpected surge of projects? Fantastic! I’m here to jump in whenever you need assistance. And the best part? Hiring freelancers like me not only offers the flexibility to scale up or down based on project needs without full-time commitments, but also grants access to specialized expertise for top-quality work, all while ensuring cost-efficiency as you pay only for the services you need.

60 EUR/h

Online Marketing

This is where my experience and passion lies! Together, we can strategically elevate your brand’s digital presence. Through thoughtfully crafted online marketing campaigns, I attract and engage your desired audience across diverse platforms. From analysing data to optimizing search engine visibility, my approach helps you stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

75 EUR/h

Webdesign & Software Engineering

A new area for me, but definitely something I get really excited about! Together with codecademy, I am developing new skills, all about webdesign and software engineering. Something I am going to improve over the next months and years, but always happy to use these skills on exciting projects! 

on request

Custom request

Got a special request that doesn’t fit in any category? No problem! I’m flexible and love to learn new skills. I’ll adjust to what you need, even if it’s something completely different. Let’s take on a new projects together!

*All prices are exclude VAT.