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Discover the depths: professional freelancer and passionate diver

By day, I’m a digital marketer, creating strategies that bring online spaces to life. Mixing creativity with smart thinking, I concept marketing campaigns that make a real impact. But when the weekend hits, I’m off on a whole different adventure – diving into the deep blue sea.

What’s cool about my journey is how I’ve connect my passion with my professional career. While I’m exploring underwater world, I’m also just a click away, ready to work as a freelancer for your business from wherever I happen to be. Oh, and did I mention my partner in crime? My girlfriend Kathryn, a talented graphic designer, illustrator and divemaster joins me on my adventures, adding her artistic flair to the mix.

Whether working as freelancer for marketing and projects, or exploring our ocean, I’m excited to invite you to be a part of this adventure – one that’s all about going after what you love, while staying flexible along the way.

But Tobi, where does the experience for marketing come from?

2010 - 2013

Training industrial management

From accounting till marketing, purchasing till HR – over three years I learn everything about a industrial company.

2013 - 2018

Marketing Manager

I manage global exhibitions, events, and coordinate diverse marketing projects for one of the biggest personal safety equipment producers worldwide.

2015 - 2018

Diploma Business Management

Combined with my responsibilities as a marketing manager, I successfully completed my business economics studies.

2019 - 2020


Asia and Australia

It’s time to travel and experience new cultures! For more then one year I lived and worked in Australia and also discovered my passion for diving.

2020 - 2023

Assistant Sales Manager DACH/EEU

I oversee diverse marketing and sales projects in the DACH region for one of the biggest and most innovative plant pot producers in the Netherlands.

2023 - today


Online Marketing & Project Management

To create more flexibility in my life and follow my passion, I freelance for various companies, agencies, and entrepreneurs! 

Education and courses

Google skillshop offers courses in Online Marketing, Google Ads, Analytics, and more, providing me with the knowledge needed to analyze and understand the digital landscape. Staying up-to-date with one of the biggest search engines is essential for successful marketing strategies.


Something I really enjoy learning and growing my knowledge. Together with codecademy, I am developing my skills in software engineering. Starting with the basic skills for Front-End Developing, I am eager to discover new programming languages and use this skills on challenging projects. 


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry counts as one of the biggest and most important  institutions for business education and training in Germany. Combined with my business management studies at VWA in Nuermberg, I created a solid foundation of economical knowledge. With that skillset, it is easy to understand big industrial companies with their projects and processes. 


Over the last 10 years, I enjoyed working for two international brands. I could not imagine a better start in my professional career with uvex. I had the chance to grow my marketing experience and take responsibility for international projects. With elho I had the possibility to work in a really fast growing environment, realizing challenging projects for the DACH market. 

Letter of Recommendation:

Backoffice Support

With my industrial experience I'm here to handle your administrative tasks, data management, and more. Let me take care of the behind-the-scenes work so you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business and achieving your goals. Let's collaborate to make your operations seamless and stress-free!

Online Marketing

Where my experience lies - Whether it's refining your keyword strategy, optimizing conversions, crafting quality content, ensuring solid analytics insights, or managing SEO and Google My Business, I am happy to dive into your digital business. Let's collaborate to elevate your online strategies!

Software Engineering

Still at the beginning, but definitely an area where I want to develop my skills! Together with codecademy, I am working on my software engineering skills, always up to use them in real projects!

Customer feedback

"Tobias supported the elho online and consumer care team for several months in a very flexible and highly qualitative way. He helped to prepare the launch of our German webshop. Among others by translating and optimizing German texts and he took care of all the consumer questions related to our new German webshop. Elho is based in the Netherlands, Tobias worked from a distance; from Germany and from Asia. We did not experience a difference."
„Mit Tobias Schmid an meiner Seite fühle ich mich stets gut betreut. Sein positiver Elan und seine Freude an der Zusammenarbeit ist sogar über den Bildschirm spürbar. Was mir besonders gefällt? Tobias Schmid bleibt einerseits zäh an längerfristigen Aufgaben und ist andererseits offen für neue Lernprojekte. Um meine digitale Präsenz in verschiedenen Kanälen auszubauen, bin ich froh mit Tobias Schmid zu arbeiten und kann Herrn Schmid als Freelancer für Marketing sehr empfehlen.“
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